Monday, September 7, 2015

Ashton Brye™ Photo Shoot!

photo shoot essentially make or break a line. it is what all of you sweet customers have to look at and dream of before my pretty little shirts land in your pretty little hands. so, the search for a photographer was interesting to say the least. 
i had never met Kiley, but had shamelessly stalked her photos for about forever. i knew her through seeing her at my high school throughout the years as a YL leader (i'm a creep, i know). i approached her months ago and asked if she would be up for an AB photo shoot. i loved her style + thought it would be ideal for my line. as you can imagine, i was beyond thrilled when she agreed. after months of planning we were finally able to collaborate. and the results? an absolute dream

she lived up to my expectations and so much more. seriously, she's amazing. she captured my dream + my fall line in the most beautiful way. Kiley made us look so good, y'all! she made the AB photo shoot the most fun + we never stopped laughing. 
if you're in need of a photog I can't recommend Kiley enough. she's fun, talented, + we will be using her for the rest of forev. (literally we booked her a year out)
here is a glimpse at my most favorite tees + the photos that capture them so beautifully. 
thank you, thank you, kiley. you rocked it. 

i so kindly stole her blog photos because, well, they're perfect. (sorry not sorry, girl)  

PicMonkey Collage7.jpg
PicMonkey Collage6.jpg
PicMonkey Collage2.jpg
PicMonkey Collage5.jpg
PicMonkey Collage.jpg
PicMonkey Collage4.jpg

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summers in the South!

July is magical in the South. Everything seems to slow down. The Sun is hotter, the air moves slower, and the days crawl by. Southern summers are one-of-a -kind and we southern belles are lucky enough to be a key part of that. It is always everyone’s favorite time of the year, no argument there. Growing up, summertime meant throwing away all of the contents of your book bag and then heading straight to the pool. Sleepy mornings, big breakfasts with siblings, afternoon naps, popsicles after dinner, and then evenings catching lightning bugs in mason jars. Weekends held trips to the grandparents, and if you were lucky, to the beach.  While the childhood joy of summertime might have changed, there are still so many good things for the southern belles of the world to enjoy. 

Driving with the windows down with the radio up, large glasses of sweet tea, handpicked buckets of strawberries, and that summer romance that makes you tingle all the way down to your toes. Tossing out those school dress codes for cut-off jean shorts, afternoons floating out at the lake, nighttime concerts from the crickets, and the complete lack of plans. No matter if you are spending your summer working a job, taking classes, or relaxing poolside, there is a true sense of freedom that comes with summertime. It is like stepping out of your “busy” shoes, and putting on those favorite jelly sandals from your childhood again. Those July days move slower, and it is like the to-do lists all get shorter. 

While the end of July draws nearer and those hectic days of August are threatening to fill up those agenda pages again, savor these days. Spend that evening sitting at the lake watching that sunset. Sleep in, then skip your coffee and reach for lemonade. Breathe in that summer air and enjoy this, because you, my sweet southern belle, were made for these days! 

Caroline is a soon to be teacher studying at Clemson University. She is a dancer, tour guide, sister, daughter, girlfriend, and lover of all things bright and cheerful! She has been an Ashton Brye™ Rep for a few months and we adore having her as part of our team. You can follow Caroline's college fairytale on her blog, 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ashton Brye™ Collection

Welcome to the AB blog! 

If you aren't familiar with AB we are so glad you found our little space on the web. The Ashton Brye™Collection is hand drawn apparel that captures the beauty of living in the South and being a Southern Girl. It was started by a college student, Ashton. (You can meet her at the top on the tab called "Meet Ashton") 

We hope you love the designs, the lifestyle, and the fun ways you can style your AB gear.

This blog is just for fun. A place for bloggers and Ashton to write about DIY (Ashton LOVES a good craft), favorite recipes, how they wore their tees, and everything in between. We hope you just LOVE it here and we would love for you to follow along! 

We also plan to use this for special giveaways, coupons, and secrets! How fun would that be? 

Have any questions? Please ask! We love to talk with y'all and interact!